We all love our pets. They are part of the family.


When Lukas (founder of M.O.B. RAW) adopted a 7 month old bulldog named Biggie, he made sure that Biggie received the same love and treatment as if he was one of his own. As Biggie grew older, he began to suffer from cysts that would develop between his toes. These cysts would become inflamed to the size and colour of strawberries! Lukas started a daily ritual of soaking Biggie’s paws in a solution that yielded zero results. On top of that, Biggie also developed a yeast infection on the underside of his paws. Lukas tried to do what he could to remedy the situation by changing Biggie’s diet with a higher grade and costly kibble. Yet, the problem persisted. At the recommendation of his Veterinarian, Lukas started Biggie on medication which helped alleviate some of Biggie’s ailments but at a very high cost.


Taking a closer look into how a dog’s diet can affect their health, Lukas looked into raw dog food as a permanent and inexpensive solution for Biggie’s condition. Within two days of starting the raw dog food diet, Biggie’s coat was noticeably smoother and shinier. In two weeks, his cysts and inflammation had noticeably diminished!

As a result, Lukas and Biggie no longer needed to rely on expensive kibble and medication to treat Biggie’s condition. All thanks to eating RAW!


Liability Disclaimer

All the feed products sold by MOBRAW.COM are not cooked. All the ingredients have come from human food plants inspected by Federal or Provincial agents. The ingredients are either immediately frozen or appropriately chilled and then frozen within 24 hours. All machinery used at the our suppliers kitchen is regularly washed and disinfected. We do our best to ensure that all the feed products are as fresh and free of bacteria as possible. Raw food must be maintained at –20 degrees Celsius prior to use, keep safely stored away from human food and wash your hands after touching raw meat products. MOBRAW.COM and it's suppliers cannot be responsible for the appropriate storage and safe use of raw meat.

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