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I have been feeding my dogs with Lukas’ raw food for many months and am extremely impressed. They have both lost weight and are more energetic than ever. Quality and consistency are never an issue with M.O.B. Raw. 

After going through the same scenarios of Vet prescribed meds for our Landseer Newf we decided to switch to a raw food diet for him. Its been 3 mths now and his skin allergies/conditions have gone as well as the consistent yeast bacteria in his ears. Very happy with the results and by far best pricing anywhere around.


I have my little chihuahua mix on this food, she loves it.....trying to get my cat to eat it, but she's not liking it too much....
We've been feeding MOB Raw for over a year now and our 2 dogs absolutely love it!! Sometimes when my husband forgets to put the food up after bringing the blocks out of the freezer I'll find our bloodhound just licking the frozen food!!!
Our Zoe has been eating raw for just over a month now and what a difference. Thanks to Lukas and the food he makes, her coat is shiny, no more dog smell, hardly sheds any hair and is full of energy. Great price for an awesome product!!
I got a recommendation from a friend of mine and I never watched my dog engulf food that quickly! Both my rottis love this food and I love the price :-) I'm very happy dog mom and a happy customer. Lukas is amazing and went out of his way to deliver my food to me when I had a family emergency and I couldn't have been more grateful. He knows customer service and is very friendly! Highly recommend M.O.B. Raw to everyone I see!
We've had our 8 month old bully on raw for more than 4 months and on M.O.B. Raw for over 2 months now. When he hears us go near his dish it doesn't matter where in the house he is, he comes running and slides into his dish. Our pup is crazy strong and healthy. We recommend raw and Mob Raw specifically to anyone especially if your dog has health concerns. Totally balanced easy and absolutely affordable. Thanks Lukas
Dana and Jon
Hi all I am the proud momma to Miss Georgia, a 90 pound boxer/lab mix. As any paw parent you want the best for your fur baby. I did some searching and found MOB. Being a new customer for this product I had hesitations and questions. I contacted Lukas and my concerns were all address. Every question was answered with clarity and knowledge. I left his business not only with my first order but also peace of mind for my decision to change to RAW food. Lukas is friendly and professional he eased my mind and even followed up a few weeks later to make sure things were going well. I would highly recommend this product and the supplier. Thanks Lukas from both myself and Georgia.
Me and my boyfriend rescued a paralyzed puppy from Texas and when we got her she was under weight and had really bad dandruff. She was eating a special food that was $120 that she hated and was making her throw up. When we started Mobraw she tried to eat the frozen food through the bag on the way home. She has been eating Mobraw now for 5 months has gained 25 pounds, no dandruff and have a glow and healthiness about her that everyone comments on. We have also fostered a boxer that is paralyzed and came to us so underweight with every bone in her body showing and just after one week she showed tremendous improvements it was unreal! Every dog deserves to eat like a King or Queen the way they were meant to your fur baby will thank you. Lukas is friendly, always there when needed and Biggie is a sweetheart!!!!
I groomed dogs for 4 years and I've seen many dogs with serious skin conditions. So I have always tried to give my 120lb Bermese/Rotti/Shep cross the best food I could. Fromm, Wild Calling, Blue Buffalo before they changed their formula and lastly, Dry Tek. And All of these foods retailed for just under or over 100$. Always had skin and terrible yeast issues. Loosing fur in strips 4 inch wide and 24 inch long along her back.
I moved to Hamilton and wanted to find raw for my dogs. I was looking at 150$ and up monthly. AND THEN I FOUND M.O.B. Raw. I receive three bags every three months. Working out to $65 monthly. Her fur has completely filled in. Yeast completely gone. No more problems. Shedding two times a year the way she is supposed to.
I don’t have to worry about getting sick from her food.  I put her food in the micro wave for 1 min per pound. Still partly frozen and this helps to keep her teeth clean. Her breath is never bad. And most importantly her chosen corner of the yard never smells so cleaning is a breeze. I totally love this food and highly recommend this food!
I would love too take this time to share my experience with M.O.B. Raw. I have two dogs. I have an 9 year old Black Lab and a 4 year old Shepard. My Lab's coat and teeth were showing her age and she often refused to eat the food we put down. Jett also wasn't as active as she once was.  My Shepard was struggling to get on the couch or just getting up from the floor. Shepard's also have skin issues as well as fat deposits that form lumps and we have had to have vet visits to shave the area and clean . I have noticed that Feonas mobility has improved, and her skin issues are minimal.  I started feeding my girls MOB four months ago, and have seen the difference a RAW food diet can have. I wouldn't consider going back to the diet they had before! To seal the deal for me was the significant reduction in their bowel movements . My girls are getting more from their food!  Thank you for caring about my girls as much as I do!
I have used MOB RAW for a while now. I have noticed less goo in my girls eyes as well as better stool. She enjoys it a lot! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try it. Lukas has always been a pleasure to deal with.
5 Star Rating!
I have used MOB RAW for a while now. I have noticed less goo in my girls eyes as well as better stool. She enjoys it a lot! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try it. Lukas has always been a pleasure to deal with.
5 Star Rating!
Our 10 Month old German Shepherd has been on M.O.B. Raw for the last 4 Months and is striving on it! We always get compliments on how great he looks and how shiny his coat is. Lukas was also extremely helpful with our transition to the raw diet. I’ve recommended MOB RAW to many friends and family and I’m happy to do so!
Our Husky mix, Bo, has a host of allergies that led to digestive issues and chronic ear infections and even the "hypoallergenic" dog food didn't help. We switched him over to a raw diet and everything cleared up! On top of that, he's more energetic and less anxious; his coat is super shiny and soft; plus he's just really excited to eat at every meal.
Lukas is also really informative and has answered all of our questions throughout the transition.
People also tend to think feeding raw is more expensive, but we've actually saved money by switching Bo over.
Highly recommend!!
We have been buying this food for almost a year and it does wonders! We have a Doberman who was having skin issues and loosing hair. At the time he was on dry food and we switched to raw. The raw food cleared up his skin and his hair grew back. He now has a healthy, shiny coat. This food is also much more affordable than any other raw food we came across and the owner is very accommodating when picking up food. I recommend this food to anyone who has a fur baby!
I have incorporated M.O.B. Raw into my raw feeding program for my Golden Retrievers for the past couple of years.  I am very pleased with this product and appreciate knowing what my dogs are eating.  
The information on the website is informative and reassuring.  My dogs enjoy their food and the one pound bricks certainly makes for easy quantity calculations when preparing each dog's meal.
As an owner-handler, I am often away at dog shows and again, the M.O.B. bricks are very easy to pack and feed while away showing.
Lukas is a pleasure to deal with and goes out of his way to deliver a very good product.
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